Austin Seagrave

Owner/Broker in Charge

Austin Seagrave Realty

1909 Arnold Dr. Charlotte, NC 28205 USA

Phone: (704) 840-6562

Austin Seagrave

Austin Seagrave Realty

1909 Arnold Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28205 USA

Phone - (704) 840-6562


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Austin Seagrave Realty

Licensed in 2000, I started my career as a paralegal. Good fit for real estate! I was used to looking at legal documents and working with family law clients, estate clients, etc., and it helped me to understand important aspects of buying and selling property. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, I moved to Georgia and Illinois in high school and then back to North Carolina for college where I earned my B.A. in English. Real estate, a natural fit, huh? Well, I come from a family of entrepreneurs. All four of my siblings and I own our own businesses and are pretty fearless about it. Service is really my passion and problem solving. So, I make sure to listen to what my buyers needs are, are, have an understanding of who they are and where they are in their lives and can match them up with properties without wasting a minute of their time! I have a team approach when it comes to selling. And a plan! I use professionals for everything! From measuring, pre-inspecting, staging, photographing and marketing. I have a system that works great for sellers and I do everything on my end to get your property sold in 10 showings or less. That's my goal! I am at a great spot in my career - seasoned professional - confident - easy to work with. Nice but a tough negotiator for my clients. I take difficulties in stride and focus on solutions rather than problems and I can promise you that if you really want to get to the finish line in a real estate deal, we can find a way to do that. Where you may have fear and anxiety, I'm going to be your lifeline. I can talk you off the ledge and help you keep your focus. If you need my help, I think you will feel comfortable working with me. Thank you so much for exploring these pages of my website. I hope you find the content here useful and informative. I've been in this business for a while now and helping you make the best possible decisions is my number one priority. Whether you've found this profile page of mine through an email newsletter, social media channels, or you were referred here by a friend, I'm happy to have you as my guest.

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